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gretchen Schuetter- Massage therapist



Gretchen specializes in deep tissue and rehabilitative massage. She has extensive training in trigger-point massage and TMJ treatment.

For those who have long-standing pain, chronic pain from old injuries, excess muscle tension and headaches, teeth grinding, neck pain, and/or sports-related pain, Gretchen may be your new best friend. Problems that you have tried unsuccessfully to treat with physical therapy or chiropractic work may be the result of tender trigger points. You may be amazed with how good you can feel after skilled treatment of these sensitive, and often overlooked, areas of our bodies.

If you crave the intense effects of deep tissue or sports massage, you won't be disappointed. Gretchen has an amazing ability to tune into the particular tensions that are individual to your body, and helps sooth and ease them away.

Gretchen is available:

Monday 3pm-5pm

Tuesday 2pm-8pm

Friday 1-8pm

Every other Saturday 10am-5pm


Favorite Movies: Romantic Comedies 

Favorite Books: Mystery Thrillers

Favorite Holiday- Fourth of July 

Favorite Vacation- road trips to Iowa to visit family. 

Why did you choose Massage Therapy:

I worked as 14 years as a medical assistant and wanted to have a more active role in helping people feel better. 

Graduated from: Body Mechanics School of Massage and Myotherapy 

Children: Tatianna 18 & Darren 16

Pets: A chihuahua mix named Emmy Jean  

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Monday 10am-6pm | Tues- Friday 10am - 8pm | Saturday 10am-6pm | Sunday reserved from private parties